Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free play

Sometimes I forget the benefit of free play, how it not only strengthens the creative mind but also strengthens the bond between two sisters who are in the prime of their childhood.  I tend to get a little uneasy if the temperature is above 50 degrees and we are not outside or if the kids are looking for something to do and I do not have a back-up art project for them. I created a world for my children where they go to a structured school, have formal ballet lessons, arranged playdates, and enrichment activities. Free play is sometimes underrated in a world where we only want the "best" experiences for our kids.

So today, even though it was close to 80 degrees, we cancelled everything from our social calendar. The gals decided to stay in their room all day and spend some time with old toys. This was one of the most peaceful, laid back days we had in awhile.

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