Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer's Over

We took our annual trip to Hilton Head this past weekend. We have always associated this trip with closure to the fun summer season that just passed. 

As the girls get older, traveling becomes more of a breeze. We travel more and pack less. I hope that's something they take away with them when they're grown; the carefree, spontaneous, pick-up-and-go attitude towards traveling that Dave and I share. 

But for now, we'll focus on our home and getting it ready for the chilly weather ahead. We will spend some time planning projects and planning our travel adventures for the year to come.

It's been a great summer!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Love

Time is just flying by in our little corner of the world. I had all kinds of aspirations to chronicle our travels, projects, and adventures. I suppose life got in the way and summer flew by. 
Usually we try to settle into a fall rhythm after Labor Day as we slowly move indoors and slightly turn inward. I'm hoping we move a little slower in the upcoming season!

Labor Day came and went quickly. What a fun weekend. One of my BFFs came up from Atlanta and we immediately got into an impromptu project. A quick and cheap facelift on the house!

Spray paint is now included on my short list of favorite crafty things. It seems manufacturers are gearing these lovely cans towards us crafty gals instead of graffiti punks. Let me explain: you can buy spray paint mixed with primer!! Yes! Flawless, quick paint jobs on plastic, metal, glass, cheap laminated furniture, etc!!!

So within an hour of Erin's arrival, we started tearing the house up and changing the weathered, dull, black shutters to a lively green color.

I am quite smitten with my fancy new house. The whole project took a few short hours and $15 in spray paint!

Of course our girls got together for a weekend of fun. I'm so glad our kids stayed close over the years. We hooked up with a neighbor and went in a hike and found this awesome waterfall slide. Best. Waterpark. Ever!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Spontaneousness

It was such a nice surprise to get a text from a good friend to invite us to the beach for a weekend. Our good friends left Asheville in September to move to Oregon. Though we still see them every now and again, I do miss the impromptu dinners, parties, and talks we had.

My friend Maria and I packed up the kids and took the 4 hour trek to Folly Beach so we can see our good friends and our kids can reunite with their BFFs. 

Speaking of surprises, we told the kids we were heading to a zoo. Imagine their surprise to end up not only at the beach,  but with their west coast friends who were also surprised by visitors! Yeah, I think I got the cool mom award...for a day.

I'm wondering if its possible to plan to be more spontaneous this summer ;)
Anyway, here's to impromptu fun:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Handmade Summer Gift: Bug Spray

We thought the last day of school would never arrive! Having to make up a million snow days, these past few weeks seemed endless!
The girls had great years in both 1st grade & 3rd grade. We decided to make these nifty little gifts as I'm sure their awesome teachers and assistants are just as excited to spend time outdoors as us. A gift card to Papas & Beer was also necessary as well :)

Luckily, I had all the ingredients on hand, just enough to make this natural bug repellent. The oils are easy to find at health food stores. I just had to run out to get 4oz spray bottles. 

The girls got to work mixing the following:
4oz witch hazel
1/2 teaspoon of the following essential oils:

These essential oils are known as natural bug repellents and witch hazel is used to tonify skin.

We made fancy labels for each bottle and the project took less than 10 minutes...which is a good thing since we waited until the morning of the last day of school to get the show rolling!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well, I took a 3 month hiatus from my blog & just about everything else! Tomorrow is our last day of school (finally)!! I'm excited to get back to a laid back schedule of easy days.  I'm going to pick up the blog again sharing our crafts and daily adventures.  I have no idea what's in store for us this summer, no set plans, but I like it this way :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crazy Curtains

Spray paint & fabric. Who knew they made such a cute couple?

One of my wisest, craftiest friends made that recommendation.  She also recommended I buy a few not-so-pretty denim curtain panels at the fabric outlet a few weeks ago. For a dollar a panel, I bought a few and figured I can turn them into something eventually. 

This past weekend we decided to experiment with these goods and pretty up the fabric. 

A chevron pattern was decided so I put the girls to work creating one with painters' tape. Any tape would work, but painters' tape is what we had here. 

We then got two shades of pink and started on top and bottom, having the colors meet in the middle.

We hung the panels to dry, then peeled off the tape.

The result was some funky curtains that didn't look too shabby for $1 a piece and an afternoon of work & fun.

I hope to explore more with this new team of fabric and spray paint.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our last minute valentines

With all the snow fun and outdoor play, we hardly had time to craft during one of our favorite times of the year.

We missed school most of last week, which bought us some time to scramble around for class valentines. 

This was a real quickie, but they turned out kind of cute.

We used a roll of brown mailing wrapping paper and cut out hearts.

We took two hearts and sewed them part way together.

In the small opening we stuffed a few valentine M&Ms and sewed the hearts closed.
We then wrote to our valentines on the front of the heart.

The girls thought it would be cool for their friends to tear open the paper for a treat. 

We missed school on Friday, so the girls are hoping to hand out their valentines tomorrow. 

Marlee is prepared with her iPod valentine box she made last year.

In other news, some friends made last minute plans to pop into Asheville for the weekend.

We always love spending time with our favorite Atlanta folk, regardless of all the trouble we make.

What a fun weekend!!