Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween ----> Snow

Fun and shenanigans is usually the theme of Halloween around here. It also seems to be the theme for everything else I'm involved in as well, but that's another story. 

The girls were creative and decided to go vintage by donning a replica of candy buttons. I'm pleased to say they came up with the idea and created the costume themselves....except for the hot glue and styrofoam contact part, I think I'm still high from the fumes.

Cold temperatures and heavy rains arrived right at the start of trick or treat time. Luckily Dave and neighbor Steve and their innovative ideas gave us nothing to fear.

There's no need to put the patio furniture away just yet. We stayed (mostly) dry and warm for our evening of fun.

Spiked drinks and all, we had a great time. I'm glad we create such memories for our kids. Oftentimes I'm afraid of what they will remember most ;)

We had a double bonus the next morning 
as we woke to a wintery wonderland.

Oh what fun to have my first trail run in the snow, a walk in the woods with my family, and an impromptu gathering with some favorite friends later that night. Make us look forward to the season ahead. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Busy Hands

Our favorite time of the year has come! We are enjoying the crisp mornings, the night walks, and the pull of bringing everything inward. 
This is the most creative time of the year for the girls and I as we jump into fall projects and plan ahead for the winter months. 
Our business just doesn't include sitting inside and crafting, but enjoying the outdoors and the friends that gravitate near us. 

Of course I'm carving time in my schedule to dust off the Singer and start on some projects. It's almost predictable who comes out of the woodwork and shows up here to visit, craft, and create with me. I'm feeling the pull towards these folks as I'm finding a peaceful place within myself. I'm acutely aware of who I choose to spend my free time with, and I'm grateful for the insight of which battles I need to let go. Autumn and all its richness seems to come at a time when I realize I need to get away from some "friends" and find my way to others. A time when old ideas fade away and new ones are formed. 
I look forward to my women's craft nights, drinking a PBR by my singer, taking felt and floss with me as a portable project during my down time waiting for my kids, starting Crafternoons with some of my favorite neighborhood kids, and of course creativity.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Appliqué project for kids

This weekend we tried our hand at appliqué. It was quite a success! 
We had some plain t shirts that could use some spiffing up and some scrap fabric waiting to be utilized.

We found our designs via google images. You can find outlines of just about anything by putting the word "silhouette" after it. We searched "pumpkin silhouette" and "star silhouette" we printed out the images. 

The girls then traced their images with a Sharpie on to a piece of Heat & Bond. (Found at any fabric store with very easy instructions.)

Then fancy fabrics were chosen.

We ironed the Heat & Bond to the back of the fabric. Since the outline from the Sharpie was clearly visible, cutting the fabric was simple. (We did use fabric scissors for this step.)

Once the fabric was cut, the girls peeled off the paper from the Heat & Bind side and ironed the fabric right on the shirt. 

We reinforced our fabric with a fancy zig zag stitch around the edges.

The girls were quite pleased with the outcome. 

This will be on my radar every time I see plain shirts on sale. This project took just little over an hour and the girls had fun.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finally Fall

Fall is definitely in the air here in our NC mountains. We've been falling into our rhythm since school started and are enjoying a new routine. It seems our summers become more full but yet less structured. We do feel a sense of renewal even though we are forced into a daily routine of school and work that is dictated by reasonable bedtimes and early alarms. 
Each year we seem to be hiking a little further, playing a little longer, and crafting just a little but more. 
I welcome all the fun changes that I see in the girls as they grow, but there will always be some of the same signs that fall is approaching:

They still love to find matching jackets for chilly mornings.

Nutcracker tryouts are a must.

Decorations of mums and felt find their way out of the woodwork.

We plan ahead for indoor crafts in the months to come.

I host my fall clothing swap with my lady friends and bust out my girlie napkins for the occasion.

...and usually wake up to some overlooked cleaning the day after....

We are looking forward to pulling it all inward and settling in for a bit. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer's Over

We took our annual trip to Hilton Head this past weekend. We have always associated this trip with closure to the fun summer season that just passed. 

As the girls get older, traveling becomes more of a breeze. We travel more and pack less. I hope that's something they take away with them when they're grown; the carefree, spontaneous, pick-up-and-go attitude towards traveling that Dave and I share. 

But for now, we'll focus on our home and getting it ready for the chilly weather ahead. We will spend some time planning projects and planning our travel adventures for the year to come.

It's been a great summer!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Love

Time is just flying by in our little corner of the world. I had all kinds of aspirations to chronicle our travels, projects, and adventures. I suppose life got in the way and summer flew by. 
Usually we try to settle into a fall rhythm after Labor Day as we slowly move indoors and slightly turn inward. I'm hoping we move a little slower in the upcoming season!

Labor Day came and went quickly. What a fun weekend. One of my BFFs came up from Atlanta and we immediately got into an impromptu project. A quick and cheap facelift on the house!

Spray paint is now included on my short list of favorite crafty things. It seems manufacturers are gearing these lovely cans towards us crafty gals instead of graffiti punks. Let me explain: you can buy spray paint mixed with primer!! Yes! Flawless, quick paint jobs on plastic, metal, glass, cheap laminated furniture, etc!!!

So within an hour of Erin's arrival, we started tearing the house up and changing the weathered, dull, black shutters to a lively green color.

I am quite smitten with my fancy new house. The whole project took a few short hours and $15 in spray paint!

Of course our girls got together for a weekend of fun. I'm so glad our kids stayed close over the years. We hooked up with a neighbor and went in a hike and found this awesome waterfall slide. Best. Waterpark. Ever!