Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crazy Curtains

Spray paint & fabric. Who knew they made such a cute couple?

One of my wisest, craftiest friends made that recommendation.  She also recommended I buy a few not-so-pretty denim curtain panels at the fabric outlet a few weeks ago. For a dollar a panel, I bought a few and figured I can turn them into something eventually. 

This past weekend we decided to experiment with these goods and pretty up the fabric. 

A chevron pattern was decided so I put the girls to work creating one with painters' tape. Any tape would work, but painters' tape is what we had here. 

We then got two shades of pink and started on top and bottom, having the colors meet in the middle.

We hung the panels to dry, then peeled off the tape.

The result was some funky curtains that didn't look too shabby for $1 a piece and an afternoon of work & fun.

I hope to explore more with this new team of fabric and spray paint.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our last minute valentines

With all the snow fun and outdoor play, we hardly had time to craft during one of our favorite times of the year.

We missed school most of last week, which bought us some time to scramble around for class valentines. 

This was a real quickie, but they turned out kind of cute.

We used a roll of brown mailing wrapping paper and cut out hearts.

We took two hearts and sewed them part way together.

In the small opening we stuffed a few valentine M&Ms and sewed the hearts closed.
We then wrote to our valentines on the front of the heart.

The girls thought it would be cool for their friends to tear open the paper for a treat. 

We missed school on Friday, so the girls are hoping to hand out their valentines tomorrow. 

Marlee is prepared with her iPod valentine box she made last year.

In other news, some friends made last minute plans to pop into Asheville for the weekend.

We always love spending time with our favorite Atlanta folk, regardless of all the trouble we make.

What a fun weekend!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthdays & BFFs (near and far)

We had quite a fun week! A nine year old now lives in the house. 
It took Marlee and myself 9 years to learn that a bigger party doesn't always mean better. We decided to forgo inviting the usual 30+ kids over to the house and for 2 hours of free range fun, which usually resembles a wild college party.
We had a few mini celebrations around town and realized how much we appreciate quality over quantity.

And of course we hit our favorite restaurant for the big birthday dinner.

We also had a surprise visit from our favorite family from Portland. It was quite fun to spend a spontaneous afternoon with friends at the park. The weather was optimal and usual neighborhood antics resumed.

It was nice to be out and about; a little break in this long, cold winter. Speaking of, it'll be back to winter business as a winter storm is brewing. I foresee lots of days off from school, valentine crafting, and drinking (lots of) winter themed cocktails. 
We will share our homemade valentine gifts in a few days.

Isn't this the cutest picture ever? :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Minding our own beeswax

And that's just what we've been doing, staying inside and keeping to ourselves. The girls came down with the flu (at the same time)! And I'm not feeling too hot myself. Nothing a good hot toddy can't fix--more on that at the end of this post.

Finally a decent snowfall (by southern standards) arrived yesterday afternoon. I had a difficult enough time containing the kids inside, let alone myself-(winter sports are my favorite!)

It has been a rough couple of days as the girls are much too interesting for hours of mind numbing TV. Without our daily walks (oh, the fun in the snowy woods we missed) the days seem to stretch on, and not in a good way.

I remembered I had a few sheets of beeswax and we got into  making some candles.

It is such a simple process, I forgot how fun it is for all ages. 
Beeswax sheets are sold at most craft stores. I had these left over from an order I made from Magic Cabin years ago. 

I like these because they are 100% beeswax and are dyed naturally.

We simply took a wick (found at craft stores) and placed it on the edge of a  sheet of beeswax and rolled it inside. Making sure the wick is pinched in on the first roll.

We cut the wax in different sizes for a variety of candles.

We also used the leftover scraps of wax to decorate the outside of the candles.

We got some pretty nifty candles out of the project.

We all liked the "clean" smell they have. Not like those candles with added fragrance. 

I'm hoping to stay healthy myself. I'm sort of freaking out over my immunity issues, I've been without sickness for over 8 months. I've been sipping a cocktail I've concocted to help sooth my sore throat. I doubt it will help my immune system, but after a few mugs, I don't seem as worried ;)

1 shot bourbon
1 tablespoon each honey & lemon juice 
Mix it in a mug and top off with boiling water. 
Steep in some ground clove and cinnamon. 
Sip throughout a cold, winter afternoon and your sore throat (and worries) will ease.

We are hoping to get outside more in the week to come and are planning a visit with some special friends from afar!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All in a Morning's Work (Icicle Suncatchers)

Well, we were up early thinking there would be school...but wait!! We live in WNC, so of course it's cancelled. After all, we did get a dusting of snow yesterday.

We are amidst one of the coldest spells our area has had in several years. Everyone seems to have their panties in a knot and its hard to carry on business as usual when many places and activities are cancelled.

At least I got to try out the icicle suncatchers that I've wanted make in previous years but couldn't due to mild temperatures.

We filled up our funky ice cube trays (usually reserved for Mommy's Happy Hour) and added a drop of food coloring. 

After freezing them, we filled up pie plates and poured water into them.

We had to put something in the water to make a hole to hang the finished product. We chose a shot glass because we thought it was a great size and there sure is a plethora of them in the house. Then we set them outside overnight to freeze.

We threaded them with yarn and hung them next to the bird feeders. Next time I will put the shot glass more towards the center. As you can see in the photo below, the edge cracked because it was too close to the edge.

One other thing I did to make this winter morning even more delightful was try this nifty idea I found on Pinterest.

I filled a glass container with coffee beans and lit a votive. The house is warm and cozy, and now reminds me of years passed when I had my all time favorite job as a barista, yay!

Enjoy the lame snow day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mid Winter

Of course our winters here in the mountains on NC are nothing like what we experience in PA. Just as we were ready to put the holiday season (and sloth-like behavior that's a result of it) behind us, we started to get "snow days".

This may be the weakest snow angel I've ever seen....

So we hunkered down in the house and let the cold snap pass. We spent our time cooking, crafting, playing games, harassing pets, etc. 

We gathered with some neighborhood friends for a trip to the  movies after a 4 day stretch of cabin fever.

This week we tried to get back on schedule even though we have a 4 day weekend ahead of us. But some consistencies are surfacing, such as returning to dance.

And returning our regular healthier diet (and a liver cleanse for me) 

Now that I'm feeling we are coming out of slacker mode, I'm seeing on the horizon; more winter day bike rides, more crafting with my lady friends & kids, (I do need to write about the sweetest group of girls that come over to sew) and more time outside. 
I'm also seeing myself getting ready to plan a polka dot party for my favorite soon to be 9 year old, more on that later...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mid Holiday Break

Christmas was a hoot and the girls had a blast. So exciting that they are still hanging on to the magic of it all.

With the combination of cold, rainy weather and no travel plans, these days between Christmas and New Years are stretching out. We are loving the nothingness on our schedule and abundance of everything in our home. Plenty of free time, plenty of down time. What a great week it's been!

We also have been reading and crafting. Here's what we are into now:

I hope these next few days last just as long. We are no hurry to get back to the real world this year.