Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Love

I thought I was ahead of the game when starting Valentine crafts a few weeks ago on a Crafternoon. Ah, not so. We were burning the midnight oil making crafts & gifts the night before the girls' school parties. 

Anyway, I'll share what we eased in to earlier this month, then crammed in half assed last night. I do think everything is adorable if not clever, especially for a last minute attempt!

As I hosted a Crafternoon with some of my favorite girls, we had hours ahead of us an took our time. Our first craft was lovely. Time consuming, but the outcome was awesome!

We painted, glittered, and ModPodged several mason jars. I never used glass paint before and learned we need to use it more often!

Since we were short on time, I read that after painting or using ModPodge on glass you can heat the oven to 350 for 30 minutes and let it cool. As oven is cooling, place painted jars inside and let them dry out. Worked like a charm :)

We cut out felt hearts, hand stitched them together, filled them with a tiny amount of batting, and popped them on dowels. 
Total cuteness:

We also had some sewing machine action and stitched a sleeve of felt, then reversing the felt and stitched other side. We were able to cut little tiny hearts from one piece of felt.

Love, love, love this!

We made chocolate sugar body scrubs by mixing:
2 cups brown sugar
1/2 c olive oil
6 T cocoa powder
3 T vanilla 

Looks like ground coffee, but feels and smells fabulous!

Our other quickie project was hot gluing candy hearts on old spools of serger thread. Quick, easy, and fun for a short play date!

So we took our time with all those fun projects over the past few weeks. Then last night after dinner we realized we had nothing for school. 
Luckily I found this little number on Pinterest and we had a hoot making these class valentines.

If my printer had ink, we would've printed out the "Tic Tac Toe" in a cutesy font, but.... We did the best we can. 

So we are all finished. No. Mya reminds me we need a Valentine box for her class. She wanted a round owl made from paper mâché with layers of feathers. Ha! I handed her a cereal box and told her to think of something creative, since it's 25 minutes past bedtime.   
Luckily, the kid can think quick on her feet. (Like her mom) Her tender heart remembers Charlie Brown's  Valentine as he brought a briefcase to school to collect his valentines, but alas, gets nothing. So she decided to make a briefcase, with higher hopes of course. 
The pipe cleaner handle was the best touch ;)

Our other favorite action around Valentine's Day is a special birthday celebration! 
Yikes, 10 years old!! 
Love this kid!

Oh and straight A's to boot!

We've got some big changes coming up both inside the house and out. I'm hoping to write about them soon :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

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